Rocket Type HDPE Drum

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Rocket Type HDPE Drum

HDPE Drums & Carboy

Ganesh Corporation has extensive experience in manufacturing rocket type HDPE drums. We are recognized as one of the leading polyethylene drums manufacturers and suppliers in the country. Our drums are used widely across the country in a plenty of industries. There are many industrial purposes of the HDPE (high molecular weight polyethylene) drums and therefore, the demand of the drums is very high. Also, since we manufacture only good quality and reliable drums, therefore, we are constantly increasing our capability to supply more and more drums as per the increasing requirements of the clients.


50L / 60L


  • UN approved
  • Zero Leakage
  • Vent caps available
  • High Drop Impact Strength


  • Chemicals
  • Pigments
  • Agroproducts
  • Solvents
  • Lubricants/oil

Here’re a few of the top features of the rocket type HDPE drums:

  • Tremendous Drop Impact Strength
  • UN Approved
  • We also have vent caps if needed.
  • High Drop Impact Strength
  • Leakage Proof

We have a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts that leaves no stone unturned to make the drums as efficient as possible. Our prime goal is to satisfy the needs of the customers. We have been in the industry from a long time as we have been delivering good quality drums to the clients at suitable prices. Our team researches the industry to decide the prices of the drums. We want our clients to have the maximum benefits from the products supplied by us.

Use of HDPE for making drums

We use good quality and high-density HDPE to make the rocket type HDPE drums. HDPE is used very widely for the making of several industrial products, like drums. They are thick and strong drums used for many purposes. As the drums made using HDPE are UV resistant and leak-proof, hence, they are considered as a perfect fit for a plenty of materials. They are used for the storage and transportation of many materials, including pharmaceuticals, food and a variety of chemicals. HDPE is one of the widely used materials for making drums for different purposes. Some of the most common applications of the rocket type HDPE drums are:

  • Solvents
  • Chemicals
  • Pigments
  • Lubricants
  • Oil
  • Agro Products

Reasons to buy rocket type HDPE drums from Ganesh Corporation:

Durable and Strong Drums

One of the most prominent reasons of buying products from us is that we only deliver strong and reliable products to the clients. Since we use good quality materials to make the drums therefore, are drums are stronger. We also make sure that our materials and drums pass multiple quality tests before reaching the customer. This is done to ensure that we are able to deliver faultless products to the clients.

Modern Manufacturing Facility

We have a cutting-edge manufacturing site with a variety of machinery and tools to make the drums. High-grade rocket type HDPE drums are made in our manufacturing setup using the latest processes. Since we use modern methods to make the drums, hence, the manufacturing process is very efficient as well. Additionally, we have the capability to manufacture a good volume or quantity of the drums at a faster pace.

If you want to know more about HDPE drums please feel free to contact our team.

50L Rocket

Height : 550 (mm)

Opening Diameter : 50 (mm)

Length * Width : 325x390 (mm)

Dual Color : Yes