Quality Of Our HDPE Containers

HDPE Drums & Carboy Containers


Ganesh Corporation is a quality centric company in manufacturing drums & carboy containers and we place quality as the nucleus of all our endeavors. Our team of quality supervisors monitors carefully the entire production process of HDPE plastic containers at every level of operation. They give special attention on the procurement of the quality proven raw material for manufacturing of quality carboys. The raw material is subjected to metallurgical test before being approved for production. We conduct periodic inspections and conduct various tests of our plastic containers to make our products free from defects.

Tests We Conduct For HDPE Carboy Containers


Our test procedure starts right from raw material itself as we test each lot of raw Material

Drop Test:

We undertake drop one from each side i.e. top, bottom & body portion to ensure total safety of your product during transit

Rolling Test:

Immediately after the drop test, the drum must be rolled on the rough surface to ensure there is no leakage from any part especially from the mouth portion of the drum.

Stake Load Test:

Drum filled with material was kept one + 2 to ensure to see total pressure on the drum kept on the surface

Hydraulic Test:

There is a Hydraulic pressure test.

Leakage Test:

We undertake air pressure test to see there is no leakage from the closures & Seams.

UV Stabilizer:

Because of the strong Sun Rays passing through the Carboys we use It to protect the containers even if it gets expose to the strong sun rays so as to Protect the containers and the material filled.

  • Monitoring Test
  • Color Uniformity Test
  • Light Test
  • Weight Uniformity Test
  • Printing Adhesive Test

Our containers also undergo running trial to ensure that they can perform efficiently after the shipment.


The products are made from special grade High Molecular High-Density Polyethylene with excellent strength to withstand all transit hazards in any conditions.

Our range includes wide range of latest &standard designs in packaging products to provide you with latest innovative designs and products with ease in handling to provide with complete bulk packing solutions

The material used in production i.e. High Molecular High-Density Polyethylene are of food grade (certified) and are compatible with food chemicals, petroleum products, hazardous chemicals, Resins etc.

Our products goes through with multiple tests to pass all of them and use certified virgin raw material only to give you the complete packing solution.

Our products confirm national and international packaging standards and are listed with IIP (Indian Institute of Packaging) to provide you UN

We believe in right &fair price policy in which we are ready to share information to make you comfortable about on your purchasing decisions.