HDPE Drums & Plastic Barrel Manufacturers

Ganesh Corporation

HDPE Drums & Plastic Barrel Manufacturers

Ganesh Corporation, one of the leading HDPE drums manufacturers and suppliers in the country uses advanced technology to make the drums and barrels. Established in the year 2014, Ganesh Corporation is one of the topmost preferred plastic barrel manufacturers. We have been supplying a good quantity of HDPE plastic containers, drums and barrels, full open top drums, narrow mouth containers, square (mouser) drums, rocket drums, wide mouth carboys and many more products to several clients across the country. We started with one manufacturing unit and now we have multiple highly advanced manufacturing units to manufacture HDPE barrels in India and other products.

HDPE barrel India

Our packaging containers, including the drums, barrels and carboys are extremely appreciated for their exceptional features. Most importantly, our clients like our drums, barrels and other containers because of their high-level of accuracy. We are also appreciated for the tolerance levels and the quality of the material used to make the barrels and drums. As one of the best HDPE drums manufacturers, we make some of the finest and strongest drums and barrels. We focus highly on the quality of the material that is used to make the products as the quality of the product largely depends on the raw material used. Therefore, we only buy raw material from some of the best vendors in the industry.

Plastic Barrel manufacturers Advanced Technology & Expert Resources

Ganesh Corporation, one of the best plastic barrel manufacturers makes drums and barrels of different shapes and sizes that are used extensively in a variety of different industries. Our carboy containers are extremely popular amongst many companies due to a plenty of reasons. We have a modern infrastructure with the latest technology and machinery and as a result, we are able to manufacture a high quantity of good quality drums, barrels or carboys at a fast pace. The barrel manufacturing experts in our manufacturing setup leave no stone unturned to make the finest quality containers for our clients. We are proud to have a dynamic team of experts have always been the striving force behind and possess in-depth knowledge and understating technical knowledge involved in various manufacturing procedures in concerned arena.

HDPE Drums | Plastic Barrel : Research and Development

A well-defined research and development department help us in innovating equipment and systems with a difference and assist us in upgrading our existing range of equipment. We keep exploring the new industry trends to make the most of the latest offerings. Use of the modern technology and tools helps us make higher quantity of containers more efficiently. We also keep researching and innovating to comprehensively check the quality of the containers. We have a detailed quality checking process to make sure that we supply flawless drums and barrels to the clients. Our main goal is to provide the best products to our clients so that they are able to get maximum benefits from the products.

If you want to know more about HDPE drums, barrels or any other products that we manufacture and supply, please feel free to contact us. We also cater to the customization requirements of our clients.


Our products can be customized in shapes and colour according to requirement.


Ganesh Corporation assures best quality HDPE drums &carboys with excellent strength.


Well established large-scale production and quality check facilities.


Experienced engineers, technocrats and business development.


Capabilities of Ganesh Group to implement technologies allows us to lead.

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